Salmorejo recipes

Receta de salmorejo tradicional - Caña Nature

Traditional salmorejo

The traditional salmorejo recipe comes from Cordoba and was made with a mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic, olive oil, salt and tomatoes. Of course, with time and its expansion, the ingredients have been transformed and expanded, gradually adding new additions such as ham, hard-boiled egg or croutons, among others. At Caña Nature we maintain the character …

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Salmorejo de fresas - Caña Nature

Strawberry salmorejo

In Caña Nature you have available fresh salmorejo made with natural products from the Costa Tropical of Granada. One of the many benefits that you can take advantage of with our product is that we make the recipe without bread, so it can also be enjoyed by people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. However, …

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Recetas con salmorejo - Caña Nature

Salmorejo with apple

Today we offer you a recipe for salmorejo with apple which, among its advantages, stands out for its low calorie content and for not containing gluten, as it is made without bread. We would also like to remind you that at Caña Nature our salmorejo is also suitable for people with coeliac disease. We chose …

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Receta de salmorejo granadino - Caña Nature

Salmorejo granadino

Salmorejo is of Cordovan origin, but like all recipes that stand out for their exquisiteness, this one has also transcended borders and has been adapted to the preferences of other regions. Neighbouring Granada has been one of the regions that has made the best use of the salmorejo recipe, with very subtle variations and, obviously, …

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Receta de salmorejo para 2 personas - Caña Nature

Salmorejo for 2 persons

Salmorejo is a delicious recipe of Cordovan origin, often eaten especially in the south of Spain. This cold soup makes the most of an exquisite combination of ingredients, which will not leave you indifferent. Best of all, it is a very simple recipe to make and, if you want to succeed with it, all you …

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Recetas con salmorejo - Caña Nature

Mango salmorejo

Here is a recipe for mango salmorejo, which will sweeten the original flavour of this fresh salsa, with the characteristic touch of this exotic fruit. At Caña Nature you have at your disposal our fresh salmorejo, which is also suitable for people with coeliac disease. An ideal dish to enjoy all over the world with …

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Receta de salmorejo cordobés - Caña Nature

Cordovan salmorejo

The salmorejo recipe is one of the most popular and requested by lovers of this cold soup all over Spain. At Caña Nature we offer you a gluten-free fresh salmorejo recipe, with which we maintain all the tradition of the Cordovan salmorejo, but with the optimum variation so that anyone can enjoy it, even people …

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