Environmental Policy

CAÑA NATURE, S.L. has established and implemented an environmental management system based on the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Our environmental policy defines the commitment to carry out our activities within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining control and management of the environmental aspects produced, especially the most significant ones. It also establishes a common framework for defining objectives and carrying out activities that contribute to the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

To fulfill these commitments and achieve the established objectives, CAÑA NATURE, S.L. has established the following fundamental principles:

• Ensure the protection of the environment by working in a respectful manner, preventing pollution, and minimizing the environmental effects resulting from the activities carried out in our factory.

• Promote research and development of technologies that contribute to climate change mitigation and enable sustainable use of natural resources.

• Ensure compliance with applicable environmental legal requirements in the countries where we operate and voluntarily assumed requirements by the organization.

• Establish indicators and reporting systems that allow for an objective understanding of the environmental impact of our facilities.

• Maintain awareness and consciousness among all our employees, promoting their environmental education, and encouraging active participation, including suggestions for improvement proposed by them to foster continuous improvement.

• Integrate the environmental management system into the overall Quality and Food Safety management of CAÑA NATURE.

• Define specific and measurable objectives and targets within an environmental program, which are reviewed at least once a year based on their achievement.

• Conduct an annual periodic evaluation of the environmental aspects derived from our activities for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

• Respect nature and biodiversity in the surroundings where our facilities are located.

Likewise, the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects allow the company to maintain an environmental management based on 3 pillars:

• Precaution: avoiding actions that may involve environmental risks, regardless of their severity if they materialize.

• Prevention: avoiding environmental consequences associated with a specific action.

• Correction: anticipating how to counteract the environmental consequences of a risk in case it materializes.

All of us at CAÑA NATURE embrace these principles, and it is our responsibility to put them into practice.

CAÑA NATURE promotes environmental improvement and allocates the necessary resources to ensure the successful implementation of this environmental policy.

Escúzar, December 18, 2020 Management

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