Caña Nature is a division of the La Caña Business Group, born as a result of the significant effort in R&D that the La Caña Business Group has been developing in recent years. We aim to create innovative products that make life easier for health-conscious European consumers who value a natural, tasty, and healthy diet.

For this purpose, we produce a variety of Guacamole, Grated Tomato, Avocado Pulp, Mexican Sauce, Gazpacho, and Salmorejo exclusively with fruits and vegetables from the Costa Tropical of Granada, without the addition of artificial additives or preservatives.

Nuestro compromiso con las familias de agricultores - Caña Nature
Tomates en su planta - Caña Nature

Our mission is to offer society a range of products that make it easy for consumers to eat in a natural, tasty, and healthy way, and for that, we rely on continuous improvement through R&D activities, developing functional and innovative recipes such as our Guacamole with High Vitamin A content, Low-Calorie Guacamole, or our Gluten-Free Salmorejo.

The values that define us, just like the entire La Caña Group family, are respect, commitment, effort, honesty, humility, family, transparency, innovation, loyalty, and hard work.

Our commitment

We are committed to promoting natural and healthy eating by developing functional recipes free from artificial preservatives with the support of key knowledge agents in our environment.

We are committed to sustainability and caring for the environment, and our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and renewable energy sources to contribute to the sustainable and environmental development of our surroundings.

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