Caña Nature
Your healthy choice
Naturally Guacamole
The only one in the market 100% natural. No additives or preservatives
TOP Gazpacho
Your Fresh Gazpacho, Gluten Free and 100% natural
100% Natural Grated Tomato
The most versatile 100% natural grated tomato on the market
Processed through high-pressure cold processing
We craft our products, preserving all the properties of fresh ingredients.
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Bannière avec une nature morte de tous les produits - Caña Nature

Great Variety

Caña Nature products are born with the vocation of providing consumers with the opportunity to enjoy a 100% natural food, made from high-quality raw materials from the Costa Tropical de Granada, without additives or preservatives (no E-numbers), and suitable for celiacs, as they do not contain gluten. This is achieved thanks to the production method of cold pasteurization by high pressures (HPP).

Get to know them!

Guacamole 100% Natural Vegano Sin Conservantes Caña Nature


Different Guacamoles, all characterized by their preparation with fresh avocados, allowing us to offer a natural, fresh, and delicious recipe to enjoy at any time. Explore our various formats and varieties!


This Gluten-free fresh Gazpacho preserves the tradition and history of Cordoban Salmorejo, but with the variation that it is suitable for any consumer since it does not contain gluten. Moreover, its preparation with freshly harvested tomatoes gives it an unmatched nature, taste, and freshness.
Gazpacho fresco 100% Natural TOP Innovación Sabor del Año Caña Nature
Salmorejo Fresco Tradicional sin gluten Caña Nature


This gluten-free fresh Salmorejo maintains the tradition and history of Cordovan Salmorejo but with the variation that makes it suitable for any consumer as it does not contain gluten. Furthermore, its preparation with freshly harvested tomatoes gives it an unparalleled nature, flavor, and freshness.

Grated Tomato

100% natural grated tomato, packaged in 180-gram containers for convenient use and storage. Thanks to its versatility, you can enjoy it on toast, as a side to your meals, or for preparing recipes, among other uses. Of course, it is a 100% natural product, without additives or preservatives (no E-numbers).

Tomate Rallado 100% Natural Caña Nature
Aguacate para untar con un 99% de Aguacate Fresco, Vegano, Caña Nature

Avocado Pulp

Ready-to-eat avocado made with fresh avocados. With this delicious recipe, you can enjoy all the benefits of avocado at any time, as it is made at the right ripening stage of the raw material.

Mexican Sauce

Tomato sauce characterized by a gentle spicy touch thanks to jalapeño. Ideal for accompanying any culinary option, such as fajitas, burritos, meat dishes, etc.

Bodegón de salsa mexicana - Caña Nature


Get to Know Us

Caña Nature is a division of the La Caña Business Group dedicated to producing Guacamole, Salmorejo, Gazpacho, Grated Tomato, Mexican Tomato Sauce, and Avocado Pulp using products from the Costa Tropical of Granada.

If you value taking care of yourself and wish to consume natural, high-quality products that maintain the flavor and freshness of the ingredients, Caña Nature is your healthy choice. We offer all these features in our exquisite products, as they are all made with top-quality fruits and vegetables cultivated by our farmers.

Furthermore, in our production process, we use a revolutionary high-pressure cold processing (HPP) technique that allows us to extend the shelf life without including any additives or preservatives (no E-numbers), making everything 100% natural. Additionally, all our products are gluten-free.

Bio - Caña Nature
Sin gluten - Caña Nature
100% Natural sin conservantes - Caña Nature
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