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Caña Nature products are born with the purpose of offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy a 100% natural food, made from top-quality raw materials from the Costa Tropical of Granada, without any additives or preservatives (no E numbers), and suitable for coeliacs as they are gluten-free. This is achieved through the cold high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) processing method.

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We have crafted our Guacamole using ingredients grown in our fields located in the Costa Tropical of Granada to offer a natural, fresh, and delicious recipe. This way, you can enjoy our great product at any time.

Our gluten-free fresh Gazpacho recipe is a healthy and refreshing option. The ingredients come from the fields of the Costa Tropical of Granada, ensuring the naturalness and tradition of the recipe. It contains peppers, onions, garlic, and, of course, tomatoes.

This gluten-free fresh Salmorejo maintains the tradition and history of the Cordovan Salmorejo, but with the variation that it is suitable for any consumer. It is gluten-free, and its high caloric content has been reduced. Additionally, its preparation based on freshly harvested tomatoes from our fields gives it an unmatched nature, flavor, and freshness.

100% natural grated tomato, packaged in 180-gram containers for easy use and preservation. Thanks to its versatility, you can enjoy it on toast, as an accompaniment to your meals, or for cooking recipes, among others. Of course, it is a 100% natural product, with no additives or preservatives (no E numbers).

At Caña Nature, we offer you our Avocado Spread, which is made with 99% fresh avocado.

At Caña Nature, we offer you the authentic Mexican Sauce, with its characteristic spicy touch that gives an exquisite flavor to this recipe.

Salsa mexicana - Caña Nature

Mexican Sauce

Bodegón de tomate rallado - Caña Nature

BIO Products

Discover the best of nature in our organic products section. Enjoy the freshness of organic grated tomato, the authenticity of organic salmorejo, and the vitality of organic gazpacho. Authentic flavors, ingredients grown with care and respect for nature. Immerse yourself in a healthy and delicious culinary experience.

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You can now purchase your favorite Caña Nature products directly online. Visit our online store now and make your purchases comfortably without having to leave your home.

In our virtual store, you have access to the wide range of products that Caña Nature crafts, promoting a natural, tasty, and healthy diet.

Discover all our options of Guacamole, Salmorejo, Gazpacho, and Grated Tomato, made with natural ingredients from the Costa Tropical of Granada.

You can place your online order throughout the Peninsula, both in Spain and Portugal. We guarantee fast and specially packaged delivery, ensuring that your purchases arrive at your doorstep with all the safety and freshness that characterize our products.

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