Spreadable Avocado

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At Caña Nature, we offer our Spreadable Avocado, made with 99% fresh avocado. With this delicious recipe, you can enjoy all the benefits of avocado in convenient 150-gram formats, and for FoodService, we have developed the half-kilo format.

Spreadable Avocado is becoming a star product, complementing all kinds of foods, from meats to salads. You can also enjoy it spread on toast, in tacos, or in a sandwich. It is increasingly included in dessert ingredients, such as avocado mousse or avocado tartlets.

Furthermore, it has the following certifications:

  • V-Label quality seal as vegan products
  • A rating on Nutriscore

It comes with the highest guarantee of food safety thanks to the process of cold pasteurization by high pressures (HPP). This type of processing extends the product’s shelf life up to 8 weeks from the moment of production, without losing the properties or nutrients of the food, while also eliminating any microorganisms that may be present in the food.

You can enjoy it in 150g and 500g formats.


Avocado - Caña Nature

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