Salmorejo with carrots without bread

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At Caña Nature we offer you fresh salmorejo made without bread. Thanks to this, our salmorejo can also be enjoyed by people with coeliac disease.

Traditionally, bread is an ingredient used to make salmorejo in any of its variants. However, we have chosen to replace this bread with rice flour in our recipe. This results in a cold soup that retains all the original flavour and is also gluten-free.

On this page you will find a recipe for bread-free carrot salmorejo. In addition to the benefits of being gluten-free, we add the original flavour of carrots, which will undoubtedly offer a different touch to this cold soup, which you can enjoy whenever you want or share with whomever you wish.

Carrot is one of the most recommended additions to salmorejo. It does not alter its final presentation too much and provides the perfect thickness, to enjoy with every spoonful.

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