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Salmorejo is of Cordovan origin, but like all recipes that stand out for their exquisiteness, this one has also transcended borders and has been adapted to the preferences of other regions.

Neighbouring Granada has been one of the regions that has made the best use of the salmorejo recipe, with very subtle variations and, obviously, always using products from Granada.

Salmorejo granadino stands out above all for its use of wine vinegar, ripe tomatoes and a garnish based on ham and hard-boiled eggs.

This recipe for salmorejo granadino is very easy to make and its reward is very gratifying. An excellent cold soup ideal for sharing at any time of the year, with a flavour typical of the products of Granada.

If you prefer, at Caña Nature you can also enjoy fresh and gluten-free salmorejo, because instead of bread we use rice flour. And if you want, you can decorate it as you prefer, even in the style of Granada.

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Receta de salmorejo granadino - Caña Nature



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