Cordovan salmorejo

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The salmorejo recipe is one of the most popular and requested by lovers of this cold soup all over Spain.

At Caña Nature we offer you a gluten-free fresh salmorejo recipe, with which we maintain all the tradition of the Cordovan salmorejo, but with the optimum variation so that anyone can enjoy it, even people with coeliac disease.

In addition, salmorejo stands out for its low calorie content and an unbeatable flavour that, if served cold as it is recommended, offers a refreshing sensation that is hard to beat.

In any case, we have compiled the necessary information for all those who wish to make the recipe for salmorejo cordobés at home, with the most classic ingredients of this cold soup.

We also include the classic ingredients in its presentation which, of course, you can vary if you are looking for a different alternative or one more suited to your preferences.

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Receta de salmorejo cordobés - Caña Nature



Receta de salmorejo tradicional - Caña Nature

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