Veggie Food: What It Is and What Its Benefits Are

At Caña Nature we offer you guacamole, gazpacho, salmorejo, grated tomato, mex sauce and avocado pulp, always made with fresh and natural products, without additives or preservatives (no E), from the Costa Tropical of Granada.

They are creams, sauces and juices that you can add to your diet and take advantage of their properties, as well as enjoying their flavour. These products are also compatible with a veggie diet. When we refer to the term veggie, we are talking about a trend, a type of diet, a philosophy of life in some cases.

In this article, we tell you what veggie food is and what benefits it can offer you if you include it in your diet.

What is veggie food?

Veggie food could be defined as all food that prioritises vegetables over other alternatives such as meat or fish.

Obviously, there are many degrees here, as veggie food can be enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans and even flexitarians (a term coined for people who prioritise vegetables, but eat meat and fish sporadically).

Veggie food is identified as food that does not contain animal products, although consumers can obviously choose to eat them at other times in other recipes.

In veggie food, moreover, much importance is given to personal nutrition, especially for those people who base all or almost all of their diet on this type of food.

Benefits of veggie food

One of the main benefits of opting for veggie food is that we avoid all processed products and artificial additives.

We should thus enjoy a healthier diet, without giving up the extraordinary taste of the different fruits and vegetables.

Well-planned veggie food can offer a complete diet, providing us with all the necessary nutrients that we traditionally get from eating meat and fish.

It also serves as a healthier and lower calorie complement to a more varied diet.

Veggie food also has an important relationship with ethical values towards animals.

One of the main reasons why people choose to switch to veggie food is that they do not agree with the way animals are treated in the industry.

In other views, there is an outright refusal to eat food that comes from or contains parts of animals.

People who choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle extend these values to all aspects of everyday life. Not only do they choose veggie food in their diet, but they also attach importance to clothing and even cosmetic products.

On the other hand, the benefits of veggie food also include sustainability.

The consumption of plant-based products, especially if they come directly from the field and are fresh and natural, is in contrast to industrial production, which consumes more energy resources and causes higher emissions of polluting gases.

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