The importance of fresh food

At Caña Nature all our recipes are made with fresh products, so that you can take advantage of both their natural flavour and all their nutrients.

In fact, a diet based on fresh and healthy products is very beneficial for you. We tell you what these advantages are and how you can add them to your diet.

What are fresh and processed products?


First of all, it is important to differentiate between fresh and processed products, as this is a determining factor in whether or not the full nutritional potential of a food can be exploited.

Fresh products are those that have not undergone any preservation process that may alter their taste, appearance or nutrients.

They may, of course, have been treated. For example, milk requires a treatment to ensure its sanitisation. But if actions are applied to it to convert it into long-life milk, then it becomes a processed product.

Therefore, when we speak of processed products, we refer to those that are altered by the addition or inclusion of substances, which can change their nature to varying degrees.

The purpose of processing a food is usually to prolong its shelf life, but it can also enhance its flavour or modify its appearance to make it more attractive.

Advantages of eating fresh and healthy food

The most important advantage of eating fresh food seems obvious and that is, of course, that we can count on all the nutrients it has, with the highest quality to benefit our body.

Eating fresh, healthy food helps us to take care of our bodies, boost our defences and even protect our skin. In fact, they tend to have far more antioxidants than processed foods.

Eating fresh food is also a different experience to eating processed food. You will enjoy a greater variety of flavours, which you will notice are more intense, original and cleaner (no artificial additives).

Fresh food even helps sustainability. By not needing to be processed, the impact on the environment of taking food from the field to the table at home is much lower. Therefore, we reduce the carbon footprint of our consumption.

What processed foods can you swap for fresh foods?

The entire catalogue available at Caña Nature is made with fresh food. Enjoy your traditional guacamole or guacamole with a high vitamin A content, the new organic guacamole and Mexican style guacamole, gazpacho, salmorejo, avocado spread and grated tomato (now also available in single-dose formats) or Mex sauce to accompany your favourite dishes.

Food with fresh and healthy products that are grown directly in the fields of the Costa Tropical of Granada.

Now, fresh food is ideal for your diet and processed food is less recommended, but is there an alternative?

In practice we do find formulas with which we can achieve a similar recipe, but without processed products, if we choose a fresh variant.

Here are some examples:

  • Instead of using butter, use olive oil for cooking, as it has less saturated fat.
  • Sugar can be replaced in many situations by honey.
  • Processed cow’s milk has its unprocessed variant or, as alternatives, coconut or almond milk.
  • You can also achieve the same effect as with processed coffee if you take advantage of the benefits of natural tea.

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