Why crudiveganism?

In Caña Nature our products are made with fresh food, always creating recipes with natural ingredients, which come from the Costa Tropical of Granada.

In our catalogue you will find guacamole, gazpacho, salmorejo, avocado pulp, Mexican sauce and grated tomato, with very interesting properties to add to your diet and suitable for everyone.

For example, they are rich in fibre, ideal for maintaining an optimal digestive process. They are gluten-free, so they can also be enjoyed by people with coeliac disease. And they are also compatible with raw veganism.

What is raw veganism?


Raw veganism is a dietary practice based on combining the guidelines of veganism and raw veganism.

Thus, raw veganism excludes from its diet all food of animal origin (like veganism), as well as any product cooked or processed at a temperature higher than 42 degrees (raw veganism).

It is considered to be a form of eating that is within veganism itself, motivated by ethical guidelines.

However, it should not be confused with raw veganism, as this practice only involves the consumption of uncooked food, without distinguishing whether it is of plant or animal origin. Therefore, a person who follows a raw vegan diet would eat foods of animal origin.

What diet does raw veganism propose?

Based on the concept it puts forward, raw veganism proposes the consumption of natural foods, in a practice that respects both the environment and animals.

We are therefore talking about fruit, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, vegetables, seaweed, pulses, cereals, seeds, vegetable oils and sprouts. On the other hand, it avoids any product cooked at more than 40-42 degrees, all products of animal origin including eggs, dairy products and derivatives, refined products or transgenic products, among others.

Why choose raw veganism?

As with many similar food practices, raw veganism is more than a type of diet, it represents a lifestyle linked to nature, which promotes the maximum use of what the environment can provide, thus eliminating any additives that may be harmful to the body.

Raw veganism offers important benefits as a diet. For example, its foods are often detoxifying and help to improve digestion and intestinal transit.

A raw vegan diet also helps to regulate blood cholesterol, maintain optimal body weight, strengthen the immune system and prevent signs of ageing.

As is also the case with these diets, it can be adopted strictly or it can become a dietary alternative.

In this way, many people opt for a high percentage raw vegan diet, but combine it with products that may be appropriate for the care of their body.

There are also those who opt for raw veganism, with supplements to help them make up for the lack of certain essential vitamins such as B12 or D.

Of course, the ideal is that each person chooses the best diet to keep their body well cared for, based on their dietary needs. You can perfectly include any of the products we offer at Caña Nature.

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