The Best Accompaniment for Gazpacho

At Caña Nature we offer you fresh gazpacho in the format of your choice, 33 cl or 1 litre, ideal for sharing!

This cold soup is a delicious option especially when the weather is warmer, although you can also enjoy it at any time of the year.

However, although it has all the nutrients and flavour of ingredients such as tomato, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, cucumber, vinegar, salt and garlic, it is undeniable that gazpacho can also enjoy accompaniments that enhance the experience even more or, at the very least, make it different.

Choosing the right accompaniment is key to the fusion of flavours you are looking for. That is why we recommend in this article of our blog, the best culinary options to accompany gazpacho.

Gazpacho with fried fish

A typical Andalusian combination! Fried fish is one of the most popular dishes in Andalusia, either as a tapa, as a starter or, in this case, as an accompaniment.

Combine the freshness of fresh gazpacho with the crunchy texture of fried fish and you’ll see why the two recipes were meant to be shared together.

If fried fish is not your favourite thing to combine with gazpacho, there are many more options from the sea to go with it. Some of the most recommended are prawns, cooked mussels, crab or even white fish varieties.

Gazpacho with potato omelette

The classic potato omelette has become internationally famous among other things because it complements any dish. Gazpacho and potato omelette? Of course!

Hot, cold, with or without onions, on bread or in portions. Enjoy tortilla de patatas however you like, but accompany it with the intense flavour of gazpacho to discover a unique fusion of flavours.

Gazpacho with cheese

For cheese lovers, good news! It goes perfectly with fresh gazpacho, but there are a few caveats to bear in mind.

The cheese can have an intense flavour, which can even cancel out the gazpacho’s own flavour. Choose a type of soft or semi-cured cheese of bovine origin, so that it is a complement that adds to the gazpacho and does not cancel out its flavour.

Despite the suggestive combination of cheese and ham together, the truth is that the latter ingredient usually stands out for its flavour. Give it the prominence it deserves another time.

Gazpacho with fruit salad

For those who prefer a fruity option, gazpacho is also perfectly suited to all kinds of fruit.

Since this cold soup is mainly consumed in summer, a few pieces of watermelon and melon, also fresh, are a perfect complement to gazpacho.

If you want to share a fruit dish with the rest of the guests, a fruit salad is always the best option, but we recommend not to include sugar as it is sometimes done, if you don’t want a strong contrast of sweet and salty flavours every time you enjoy your gazpacho.

Gazpacho with nuts and dried fruit

There is also no need for laborious food preparation to accompany fresh gazpacho. We already use all our resources to offer you a complete, nutritious and tasty recipe.

If you are looking for a quick and easy accompaniment to this cold soup, nuts and dried fruit can be an excellent choice.

They are practical, very nutritious in most cases (and in small portions) and can go very well with gazpacho.

The best nuts are those with a less intense flavour. Reject walnuts or pistachios and choose instead almonds, peanuts or even hazelnuts without any kind of treatment beyond the traditional one.

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