The best single-dose breakfast

At Caña Nature we present our new single-dose formats, which are available for natural grated tomato and avocado spread.

A perfect option to accompany your breakfasts and on many other occasions when you want to enjoy the characteristic flavour of these two fresh products that form part of our catalogue, in the right dose for one person.

What are the advantages of consuming single-dose products?


Single-dose formats represent the ideal amount of product to enjoy individually.

We have chosen 50 gram packs, just the right amount to use as you prefer, when you are not going to share it with other people.

Of course, when you need more avocado or natural grated tomato, remember that our 150 and 180 gram packs are also available.

Also, with the single-dose formats, you don’t waste product, compared to what you remove when you use the fruit directly. For example, if you try to remove the flesh from the avocado, you will see how much you need to remove when removing the stone and skin.

Here you enjoy directly what you like most of your favourite fruit, in a simple and quick way, as the product is completely ready to open and serve.

What are the single-dose products designed for?

Natural grated tomato and avocado in single-dose formats can be used in many situations.

One of the most common is to use the product as a spread on toast, perfect for breakfasts and snacks!

They also have the perfect amount to accompany your favourite dishes, if you want to enhance them even more with the characteristic flavour of our recipes.

Features and benefits of the Caña Nature single-dose packs

Although they are presented in single doses, both the natural grated tomato and the avocado maintain the same characteristics as in the rest of their formats.

They are made with fresh products grown directly by our farmers in the fields of the Costa Tropical of Granada.

When they arrive at our facilities in Escúzar (Granada), we also subject the product to a high-pressure cold treatment, which increases its shelf life up to nine weeks, without altering its flavour or properties in the slightest, as no heat is applied.

In addition, we also eliminate any microorganisms that may be found in the food.

In this way we can always offer you fresh products with their natural taste and texture, without having to add additives or preservatives.

Where to buy Caña Nature’s grated tomato and avocado single doses?

You can buy the grated tomato and avocado single doses directly from our official online shop at

In addition, they will also be available in specialised shops and supermarkets, where the rest of the brand’s catalogue is already present.

You may even see them during a stay in a hotel or restaurant, as the pods will also be marketed in the hotel and catering sector, so that companies that wish to accompany their dishes with these new formats of our products.

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