All about the gazpacho of Mercadona

The popularity of gazpacho has brought this tasty recipe to consumers all over Spain and it is no longer just a summer product.

It is possible to enjoy fresh gazpacho all year round thanks to the convenient packaging in which it is available in specialised shops and supermarkets.

Moreover, its nutritional properties make it a healthy dish that more and more people are including in their diet.

At Caña Nature we have our own fresh gazpacho based on the traditional recipe, for which we use natural ingredients, without additives, preservatives or water. Our gazpacho is gluten-free, which makes it suitable for coeliacs.

With a production process in which it is not subjected to heat, Caña Nature gazpacho has increased its shelf life up to 7 weeks with total safety and guarantee. The ideal option so that it doesn’t expire in the fridge.

The passion for gazpacho has spread so much that many brands have also become interested in increasing the range available to consumers. One of them is Mercadona’s Gazpacho Hacendado.

The Gazpacho Hacendado from Mercadona

You have probably seen it available if you have visited a Mercadona supermarket recently.

The ingredients of Mercadona’s Gazpacho Hacendado include: tomato, water, extra virgin olive oil (7%), pepper, cucumber, wine vinegar, salt and garlic.

As you can see, the gazpacho recipe always has the same ingredients. The quantity of the ingredients, the way they are mixed and other decisive factors in the production process are what make the final flavour different from all the other products available on the market.

Taste is subjective. It depends not only on the individual and his or her taste preferences, but also on his or her culinary culture.

What fresh gazpachos do share, as do salmorejo or guacamole recipes, is that they are healthy recipes.

Why is gazpacho healthy?

Gazpacho in particular is healthy because of the nutrients included in the recipe and, based on its properties, because of the effects it can have on the body.

Caña Nature’s natural gazpacho provides the following nutrients through its ingredients:

  • Antioxidants.
  • Calcium Fibre.
  • Phosphorus Magnesium.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Zinc.

The combination of all these nutrients offers many advantages from a health point of view.

Among them is the protection offered to the heart, taking advantage of the fatty acids present in the oil, as well as the vasodilator effect of garlic.

Antioxidants are also useful for the human body. Its lack of other nutrients makes it a low-fat food. And it also helps to replenish fluids.

However, a healthy meal does not prevent excess from posing a risk. Gazpacho, like so many other gastronomic options that you can include in your diet, is recommended in a balanced way, together with other foods that are also healthy.

Complement this healthy diet with regular exercise and you will enjoy a better quality of life.

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