Tips for Healthy Dipping

Do you like to dine? It’s an ideal way to enjoy an aperitif alone or in company. And the best thing is that we have a wide variety of options for this experience.

At Caña Nature, we recommend you to enjoy our fresh guacamole, although it is not the only one of our products that you can take advantage of.

In addition, it is important to have healthy dipear, that is, to combine this delicious appetizer with healthy eating practices or in your daily routine.

What to eat healthy with

Here are some tips for healthy dipping, which you can use whenever you want:

  • Use healthy foods, preferably without preservatives or additives
  • You can eat everything from toast to vegetables. Ideally, choose a low-fat option.
  • The munching experience is unique, but your diet should be varied and balanced. Don’t overdo it, because your body needs more food options.
  • Balanced food and regular exercise is the perfect combination to enjoy a healthy life.

What to serve guacamole with

As we said in previous lines, guacamole is an excellent option for a dip. The one we offer you at Caña Nature is a 100% natural product and the only one on the market that has no additives or preservatives (no E).

Moreover, at Caña Nature we offer it in 3 options, so that you can choose the one you fancy the most at any time. We have original guacamole, and guacamole rich in vitamin A.

All of them are available in 200 g tubs, an ideal format to use it whenever you want and, if you have some left over, store it in the fridge so that it keeps well.

If you want to serve guacamole, in any of its versions, toast is the most popular choice. We recommend thin toasts with a mild flavour, so that you can enjoy more of the guacamole in each bite.

However, you also have the option of using nachos, something that many diners choose. Ideally, the nachos should not have too strong a flavour, so that the guacamole remains the main protagonist.

The use of breadsticks as a dip is also popular. Choose your favourite variant such as rustic picos, curly picos or other variations such as colines or regañás, all of which are ideal for use with guacamole and other dips!

An even healthier option? You can make vegetable crudités such as carrots, peppers, cucumbers, asparagus, courgettes and many others. A very simple appetizer that you can vary with any combination of flavours you like.

Sauces for appetizers to serve as a dip

Of course, guacamole is not the only sauce you can use as an aperitif dip. At Caña Nature we have many more options.

Grated tomato is one of our favourites. It is also a 100% natural product, which you can enjoy both as a snack and as an accompaniment to any other food, even as a base for your favourite pizzas.

If you want a snack with an intense flavour, you can try our Mex sauce, an authentic Mexican sauce with a spicy touch. You can use it as a dipping sauce or for the classic quesadillas. Even if you want to use it as a side dish, it is the ideal “companion” for many meals.

In addition, we also have avocado pulp, if you want to enjoy the full essence of this fruit. In fact, it is becoming a star addition to many recipes lately, from meats to salads. Of course, you can also try avocado pulp as a dip and enjoy a unique appetizer.

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