What olive oil polyphenols are and what benefits they have

Polyphenols are compounds developed by plants and plant foods that stand out, among other things, for the high concentration of antioxidants they contain.

These antioxidants are very beneficial to the human body, as they can slow down the negative effects of free radicals.

Although the human body can generate its own antioxidants, they are not enough to stop the obvious signs of ageing, derived from the natural process of oxygenation of our cells.

These antioxidants, together with other properties, make polyphenols one of the best allies for our health when it comes to preventing diseases such as diabetes, aiding blood circulation, as well as preventing clogged arteries caused by sclerosis.

Therefore, having polyphenols in our diet helps us to take advantage of the benefits they offer through their antioxidants.

One of the products with the highest concentration of these polyphenols is olive oil.

What are polyphenols in olive oil?


Polyphenols in olive oil are natural components found in olive oil. Their presence conditions the organoleptic characteristics of the oil, so depending on them it can have a different taste or even a different pungency.

Furthermore, the polyphenols in olive oil also protect it from the natural oxidation process, so it is essential to maintain its properties for as long as possible.

Which olive oil contains the most polyphenols?

The concentration of polyphenols in olive oil depends on the olive variety, although the time of harvesting or even the preservation process can also have an influence.

For example, if we shorten the oil production time, we can maintain a high concentration of polyphenols and thus maintain the original properties of the raw material, essentially the olive.

As there are different types of olive oil, we also find different concentrations of polyphenols according to each variety. The one that offers the highest amount of these components is extra virgin olive oil. In general, olive varieties such as Arróniz and Picual are those with the highest quantities.

How many polyphenols does olive oil contain?

The minimum amount that can be found naturally in an extra virgin olive oil is 100 mg/kg. However, it must be taken into account that there are conditions that can affect this proportion, such as the preservation method used.

However, if this is the minimum amount, the actual amount of these components in olive oil is much higher. In fact, years ago, the Health Department authorised oils that exceed 250 mg/kg to label certain benefits of polyphenols in order to inform consumers about them, in particular the protection of blood lipids against oxidative damage.

Nowadays we can find extra virgin olive oil with a high amount of polyphenols, with some varieties exceeding 500 or even 600 mg/Kg.

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