Caña Nature products obtain the V-Label quality seal as vegan products

At Caña Nature we are constantly working to offer quality, fresh and healthy products to our customers. We are now officially certified as vegan products too, thanks to the recently obtained V-Label licence.

What is V-Label?

V-Label is the main quality seal awarded to vegan and vegetarian products. It is a globally recognised symbol for these products and a reliable reference for consumers.

Having the V-Label seal means that Caña Nature products meet the criteria to be qualified as “vegan”.

And what are these criteria? According to those responsible for granting this licence, the definition is in line with what was stated at the 12th Conference of Ministers of Consumer Protection held on 22 April 2016.

According to this definition, foods and products that do not contain animals or animal parts are considered vegan. Furthermore, these products have not been created with the help of live animals or animal derivatives, at any stage of production and processing.

As additional criteria for the V-Label licence, the tested products may not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or eggs from caged hens.

V-Label licensed vegan Caña Nature products

To review all the Caña Nature products that you can consume with the V-Label Vegan licence, we list below the complete list:

  • Gazpacho Bio (1 L and 33 cl formats).
  • Salmorejo Bio (1 L and 33 cl formats).
  • Guacamole, the classic.
  • Guacamole high in vitamin A, with a mild spicy touch.
  • Guacamole Light.
  • Mexican salsa.
  • Avocado Pula 99%.
  • Gazpacho (1 L and 33 cl formats).
  • Grated tomato (180 gr and 490 gr formats).
  • Salmorejo (1 L and 33 cl formats).

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