The 5 benefits of vitamin E on the skin

Vitamin E is one of the most important of all the nutrients in our diet.

It stands out above all for protecting the skin and combating ageing, but its benefits are many more. We should not underestimate its presence in our bodies, because a deficiency of this vitamin has important consequences.

For this reason, we recommend that you maintain a healthy diet, with the right amount of the nutrients you need. And if vitamin E is one of them, you can also find it in the products we offer you at Caña Nature.

What are the positive effects of vitamin E on the skin?


Among the greatest benefits you can take advantage of with vitamin E is its antioxidant power, which can delay ageing and premature signs such as spots or wrinkles on the skin. With a sufficient supply of this vitamin, we will also achieve an optimal level of skin elasticity, which will reinforce a rejuvenated and healthy appearance.

In addition, vitamin E also protects against the sun’s rays or can help the dermis in case of overexposure, because it allows the skin to regenerate more efficiently.

This nutrient also helps to strengthen the skin against skin problems. This is why it can be used to prevent acne or to treat it if it has already appeared. Its regenerative power is also used to treat scars, burns and even stretch marks.

In fact, vitamin E also protects the skin from external agents that are around us at all times. So we have a certain protection with which our skin will resist as much as possible, both the effects of the weather and even make-up products and the like.

To all this we must add the hydration provided by this vitamin, with which we maintain a smoother and better-looking skin.

What effects does a lack of vitamin E have on the skin?

Just as vitamin E provides important benefits for the appearance and health of our skin, it is also important to maintain optimal levels or we run the risk of suffering serious consequences.

In premature infants, vitamin E deficiency can lead to dangerous anaemia.

In general, a lack of vitamin E causes problems with reflexes and coordination. A person who needs more of this nutrient will notice that he or she has difficulty walking or even muscle weakness.

Other cases of vitamin E deficiency include vision problems or even having an immune system that is less strong than it should be, in order to prevent other diseases.

How to take vitamin E for the skin?

The healthiest way to take vitamin E for the skin is through a balanced diet, with the right ingredients.

In fact, avocado is the fruit that is richest in vitamin E. That’s why you can take advantage of the original guacamole or our guacamole with high Vitamin A content that we offer you in Caña Nature, to have this nutrient, as well as to enjoy the flavour of our recipe.

Remember that in our catalogue you can also find avocado pulp, ideal as a snack or to share with other dishes.

Our gazpacho and salmorejo can also provide you with an important supply of vitamin E, present in some of the ingredients we use to make them.

Other foods rich in vitamin E are broccoli, spinach and asparagus, nuts such as pistachios, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts, as well as some oils such as sunflower oil, wheat oil and hazelnut oil, among others.

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