Relationship between polyphenols and cancer

Polyphenols are compounds that are developed by plants and plant foods and whose properties include a high concentration of antioxidants.

Among the many benefits they can offer us due to the presence of antioxidants, there is also the prevention of cancer, by acting on the negative effects of free radicals that cause cell ageing.

Where can we find polyphenols?

Many foods contain polyphenols, although one of the most important is olive oil, especially if it is extra virgin like the one we use in Caña Nature recipes. For example, our gazpacho or our salmorejo take advantage of the unique flavour provided by this food.

We can also find polyphenols in the guacamole we make at Caña Nature and also in our avocado pulp, with 99% fresh avocado. You can even take advantage of the benefits of these compounds by their presence in our grated tomato and in our Mex Sauce.

What is the relationship between polyphenols and cancer?

Several studies have proven the relationship between the action of polyphenols in the human body and the benefits they can bring in terms of cancer prevention.

In particular, much research has been done on how foods containing polyphenols can reduce the likelihood of cancer or how they can affect cancer development.

When a cell suffers oxidative stress, it can die in a process known as apoptosis. If the damage is particularly severe and affects the DNA molecules where the genes are located, apoptosis fails and the cell may lose control of its reproduction and become a cancer cell.

The role of antioxidants is very important, because they are able to prevent this damage and therefore reduce the probability of suffering from cancer, as well as reducing the likelihood of it developing more quickly if it does occur.

It should be borne in mind that the human body generates antioxidants on its own, but clearly not enough to provide the protection we need to prevent ageing and damage to our cells. For this reason, obtaining antioxidants from food is the best way to take advantage of their benefits.

Other benefits of polyphenols

Of course, polyphenols not only offer benefits in relation to cancer prevention, but they can also be very helpful in protecting our health

Research into how polyphenols can help us to protect our health is still in progress, but so far we have been able to confirm their beneficial effects in these areas:

  • They have a vasodilatory effect, which helps to improve blood circulation.
  • They also have anti-sclerosis effects, as they prevent the clogging of arteries and the accumulation of lipids.
  • They prevent obesity and diabetes, again thanks to the beneficial effects of antioxidants. They stimulate insulin secretion and balance glucose values, which helps to transform existing fat into energy instead of letting it accumulate.

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