Do you know the benefits of consuming natural products?

The products we offer at Caña Nature are 100% natural. We use top quality raw materials grown on the Costa Tropical of Granada, we do not include additives or preservatives and, in addition, they do not contain gluten so they are suitable for coeliacs.

Guacamole, gazpacho, salmorejo, grated tomato, Mex sauce or avocado pulp, all of them are fresh natural products with all the original flavour and nutrients.

In addition, we have organic options, so you can enjoy your favourite food as you prefer.

What are natural products?

A diet based on natural products can bring many benefits, but it is important to know what we mean when we talk about natural products.

We can define natural products (in our case referring to food), as those that do not contain added components such as salt, sugar, fats, additives, etc. They are, therefore, completely natural, with their original nutrients and the flavour of the food in question.

Many natural products are perishable in the short term, but at Caña Nature we apply high pressure cold processing (HPP) which, among other advantages, allows us to increase the shelf life by 8 to 9 weeks depending on the product. In addition, we maintain the nutritional properties of the fresh product, its aroma, flavour and even its texture.

With regard to what we can call natural products, as long as they have not been altered in their cultivation or processing, we are referring to dairy products, nuts and pulses, vegetables, fruit, cereals and even oil.

Benefits of natural products

The greatest benefit of natural products is that they maintain all their original nutrients, so we will be able to take advantage of all their properties.

This represents a different contribution in each food, but in general it usually means a reinforcement of our immune system.

Many of the nutrients in natural foods help to improve our defences and protect our body against infections, bacteria and viruses.

It is also worth noting that a large proportion of the natural products we consume are vegetables, which tend to have a significant presence of antioxidants. These molecules can prevent or even slow down the oxidation of other molecules and, as a result, offer benefits such as slowing down the signs of ageing.

It is also quite common for natural foods to help with the digestive process. In fact, a diet based on natural products rarely gives problems in this respect.

But if we simply take advantage of them as a complement to our diet, thanks to this we will be able to combat problems such as constipation, stomach pains and in general any alteration of the digestion process.

In addition, with natural products we benefit from the lack of added products in the preparation of the product or even in its cultivation.

We are talking about those products that are cultivated with pesticides or fertilisers, as well as those that are elaborated with all kinds of additives, to make them more attractive even though they are less nutritious.

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