Summer Vegetables

At Caña Nature we offer you fresh salmorejo and gazpacho, among other products, nutritious and appetising options at any time of the year, but especially in summer they represent a very refreshing alternative.

These cold soups in summer help us to hydrate, refresh and have a satiating effect that makes them ideal for all kinds of diets. In addition, they include top quality fruit and vegetables, all of them grown on the Costa Tropical of Granada.

Of course, you can (and should) eat these fruits and vegetables directly. In fact, in summer you can find really tasty seasonal vegetables.

In case you don’t know which fruits and vegetables are in season these months, here is an overview of the most important ones.

Fruits and vegetables in season in summer

Watermelon and melon are undoubtedly the most characteristic fruits of this time of year. Watermelon stands out for its very high water content (almost 90%) and the vitamins A, B and C it contains, as well as minerals.

Melon, on the other hand, not only has a high water content, but also a very low calorie content. It is also high in potassium, which can help strengthen the nervous system and muscles.

Strawberries are another popular summer fruit. In its small size, it has a high iron and magnesium content, as well as vitamins C and K and folic acid.

Another summer classic is the peach. A fruit with an intense aroma and silky texture, it can be found from June to September in almost all its varieties. On a nutritional level, it offers a high concentration of fibre and an antioxidant effect based on the carotenes it contains.

Figs are also available during these months. They are a wild card for any recipe, so you can eat them directly and enjoy their juicy pulp or you can include them in salads, make pizzas with them, pies, jams, whatever you want!

We can’t forget cherries. They are as attractive on the outside as they are on the inside. With an intense flavour that is impossible for anyone to miss. What’s more, they are high in fibre and offer a great supply of carotenes.

Vegetables and greens in the summer season

One of the classic ingredients in gazpacho is cucumber, but this refreshing vegetable is certainly also recommended to be eaten straight away.

It is the star of many summer salads. Its nutrients are also very beneficial for regulating our blood pressure, reducing anxiety levels and even for intestinal transit due to its fibre content.

In summer you will also see aubergines in season, one of the most versatile vegetables when it comes to making recipes with them.

They can be prepared in batter or grilled. Its benefits include its contribution to the regulation of cholesterol, to our cardiovascular system and even to avoid fluid retention.

Tomato is another vegetable (if we talk about it as a food), which is recommended for any recipe in summer. In fact, it is one of the basic ingredients of gazpacho and salmorejo.

In the hottest season of the year, take advantage of its intense flavour and all the vitamin C, water and potassium it can offer, both in salads and in any other type of recipe where you want to include it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy beetroot these months. Its benefits are almost innumerable, from a high percentage of vitamin C, to a large amount of iron, antioxidant effects, etc.

You can also prepare all kinds of recipes with beetroot, from juices to creams and, of course, you can also include it as a special complement in your summer salads.

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