Foods rich in vitamin C that are not seasonal

At Caña Nature we offer you a wide variety of recipes, which use only fresh ingredients, thus maintaining the original flavour and, in addition, all the nutrients and properties.

Guacamole, gazpacho, salmorejo or grated tomato share many nutritional benefits, including the presence of vitamin C, so important for our body.

One of the advantages of our products is that you will find them available at any time of the year, so their vitamin C and other nutritional benefits will be available to you whenever you want them.

Why is vitamin C important?

Vitamin C is especially useful for the growth and repair of tissues in any part of the body.

Among its advantages, it is a powerful antioxidant, very beneficial for our immune system, as well as for slowing down the consequences of the ageing process.

But vitamin C is not all positive. Our body cannot produce or store it, so we can only obtain it regularly through food.

Foods rich in vitamin C all year round

We can include many foods rich in vitamin C in our diet. However, they often have the disadvantage of being available only in certain seasons.

Therefore, we have to look for alternatives when that particular food is not available in the market.

Fortunately, there are foods rich in vitamin C that are not seasonal, but for various reasons we can enjoy their flavour and nutrients at any time.

One of these is parsley. Although it is usually sown between spring and summer, it can be grown all year round.

Parsley offers a considerable amount of vitamin C. Just 100 grams of parsley gives us twice as much vitamin C as our body needs.

Another food that is available all year round and rich in vitamin C is the kiwi fruit. It can be consumed throughout the year, although it is more common to find different varieties from October to March.

The kiwifruit with the most vitamin C is the yellow variety and its concentration is double that of an orange.

Strawberries are a seasonal fruit (from late winter to early summer). However, as new cultivation methods have been used, strawberries can now be found practically all year round.

It is one of the stars of many healthy diets. It has hardly any calories, yet it provides a considerable amount of nutrition, especially vitamin C.

Brussels sprouts are mainly grown from October to April, but are available at any time of the year.

Their vitamin C concentration is far higher than other foods and their versatility in the kitchen allows them to be enjoyed in many recipes. As they have hardly any calories, they are perfect for a slimming diet.

Any of these foods are a source of vitamin C, as are Caña Nature products, and you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Remember that the best thing to do is to maintain a diverse diet that covers all the nutritional needs that our body requires and, if it also offers a fresh and irresistible flavour, so much the better.

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