Fresh gazpacho Caña Nature gets the flavor seal of the year top innovation 2022

CAÑA NATURE is pleased to announce that our fresh gazpacho has been awarded the FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR 2022 TOP INNOVATION 2022 distinction.

This recognition, based on the criteria of a panel of 80 consumers, represents one of the highest quality recognitions that a food product can obtain.


The FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR award is the only award based exclusively on the taste qualities of the products, which are tested and approved through blind tests by consumers.

The candidate products are subjected to a tasting carried out by consumers who try them without brand reference, and score according to their criteria: appearance, smell, taste, texture, overall satisfaction and the interest of the innovation. This test is carried out in the facilities of a sensory analysis laboratory, which guarantees impartiality in the results, and only the products that achieve the highest score in their category are the ones that win the award.

FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR has more than 20 years of experience in Europe, and has been present in Spain for 15 years. Its acquisition allows the product to be presented with a 100% quality guarantee.

Opinions of the fresh gazpacho of CAÑA NATURE

To achieve the award, it is essential to obtain a score of 6 out of 10 in the overall satisfaction rating, and the product that obtains the highest score in its category obtains the FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR award.

CAÑA NATURE’s fresh gazpacho has obtained a score of 8.6, an excellent score that highlights the qualities of the great product that it is.

The other criteria such as the taste, smell and texture (consistency) of the fresh gazpacho that the consumers valued also obtained very high scores reaffirming the overall satisfaction note.


In addition to the organoleptic evaluation of the product, CAÑA NATURE has also obtained the complementary mention TOP INNOVATION, related to the consumers’ interest in the innovation or novelty demonstrated by the development of the product.

In the case of CAÑA NATURE‘s fresh gazpacho, the fact that it is bottled in 50% recycled PET, thus reducing the use of pure plastic packaging, is the main reason for obtaining this seal.

This commitment to recycling, sustainability and innovation has motivated consumers to award a score of 8.8 out of 10 on the criterion of “Interest in innovation”.

The innovation presented is based on the production process of fresh gazpacho, which is made exclusively with fresh ingredients and pasteurised by revolutionary high-pressure cold processing.

This type of processing makes it possible to increase the shelf life of the product up to 9 weeks from its production, without losing the properties and nutrients of fresh food, as it is not subjected to heat.

With this system, maximum food safety is also achieved as it eliminates any microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, protozoa…) that may be present in the food, without altering its taste, texture or presentation.

With this distinction, CAÑA NATURE confirms its philosophy of offering exquisite, natural, quality products that maintain the flavour and freshness of the fresh ingredients.

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