The best vasodilator foods and their benefits

At Caña Nature you have a wide range of fresh and natural products available, with ingredients grown directly on the Costa Tropical of Granada.

We do not use additives or preservatives, so you can enjoy all their natural properties, including in some cases an important vasodilator contribution.

In fact, consuming vasodilator foods is often recommended, especially to prevent diseases related to blood circulation and blood pressure.

What is a natural vasodilator?


A natural vasodilator is a food that has the appropriate nutrients, without the addition of any chemicals, to maintain optimal levels of blood flow.

What are vasodilator foods for?

Regular consumption of these vasodilator foods helps to keep blood pressure under control and reduces the risk of hypertension and related problems such as clogged arteries, among many others.

Maintaining adequate blood flow requires a healthy diet, regular exercise and reducing daily stress. Vasodilator foods are thus perfect additions to the diet section, helping to reduce the risks associated with arterial and blood circulation problems.

Top 5 foods that improve blood circulation

The contribution of food to blood flow is still being studied. But one conclusion seems to be generally accepted and that is that garlic is one of the best ingredients for this purpose.

Garlic purifies the blood, cleanses the intestine and has many other advantages, but its vasodilator power is the most notorious of all its benefits.

At Caña Nature, several of our products include garlic in their preparation, such as guacamole, gazpacho, salmorejo or our Mex sauce.

So you can enjoy the flavour of these recipes as well as the benefits of such important ingredients as garlic.

Another very important food for its vasodilator potential is the tomato, which is capable of preventing fat from forming in the blood. In addition, it has very few calories and its antioxidant properties are highly recommended.

With the exception of our avocado pulp, tomato is an ingredient that is present in all our recipes. But if you want to enjoy its properties to the maximum, we recommend above all our 100% natural grated tomato, made with the Pera Caniles tomato variety, which is characterised by an intense flavour and an unbeatable aroma.

In general, red fruits are also recommended for maintaining an adequate blood pressure. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries can help us in this task.

We also recommend beetroot, which, thanks to its nitrates, can help to relax the blood vessels and dilate them, thus improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure.

To all of these we add artichoke, considered by experts to be one of the best natural remedies for hypertension.

Artichoke has important diuretic properties that help prevent fluid retention, as well as being effective in reducing blood pressure.

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