Avocado gazpacho

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At Caña Nature we offer you, among the variety in our catalogue, the delicious cold soup of fresh gazpacho and an irresistible guacamole, whose star ingredient is avocado.

Both options separately are recommended recipes for any time of the year, both for their flavour and for the interesting contribution they can make to our diet.

Can you imagine merging the two? This recipe tells you how to do it! We offer you in detail how to make the avocado gazpacho recipe, combining all the classic ingredients of gazpacho with the highly valued properties of avocado and its unmistakable flavour.

The avocado’s prominence in this recipe is up to you. If you choose a medium-sized, slightly ripe avocado, it will not alter the resulting colour of the soup too much, but it will add a slight thickness and its flavour will complement the rest of the ingredients perfectly.

Of course, you can add more avocados or even choose less ripe ones, although it will take a little longer to make.

It is also important to note that our fresh gazpacho recipe, although based on the traditional one, does not include bread. The original flavour is maintained, but as it does not contain bread it can be enjoyed by everyone, even people with coeliac disease, as none of the ingredients used include gluten.

In this recipe we do not suggest adding breadcrumbs either, but as with the classic gazpacho, some people do prefer to include them. Choose the version of gazpacho with avocado that you prefer!

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