Almond gazpacho

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At Caña Nature you can find fresh gazpacho made with food grown on the Costa Tropical of Granada.

This cold soup is one of the most popular dishes, especially in summer, although it can be enjoyed all year round.

One of its main qualities is that the recipe has an infinite number of varieties, some of which have achieved great recognition on their own merit, such as, for example, the recipe for almond gazpacho.

In popular culture it goes by other names, the best known being ‘ajo blanco malagueño’. In practice, however, it is the classic application of the gazpacho recipe with the additional ingredient of almonds.

It is a simple recipe that, with enough experience, can be adapted to suit the tastes of the family to create an ideal dish that is also served cold, perfect for the hottest days.

For this alternative almond gazpacho recipe, the key is above all to choose the right almonds. They should be raw and completely peeled.

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