Properties and benefits of avocado for the skin

Enjoying the guacamole that we offer at Caña Nature in different options (original, light or rich in vitamin A), will not only enrich your diet with delicious flavours, but it can also help you on an aesthetic and healthy level, among other reasons due to the presence of avocado in the recipe.

vocado is one of the foods that can offer the most benefits, especially when it comes to your skin.

In this article we will tell you about all the properties and benefits you can get from avocado.

Benefits of avocado for healthy skin

Avocado helps you to have healthier skin. One of the key elements to achieve this is that this fruit has antioxidants, with which you can protect and slow down the ageing that your skin cells constantly suffer.

Thanks to these antioxidants obtained from its carotenoids, as well as the vitamin E it contains, you can enjoy skin with greater elasticity, as well as a healthier and more attractive appearance.

Avocado consumption is also recommended for those who suffer from dry skin. Thanks to the fatty acids it contains, you can get the hydration you need to maintain a skin without the inconvenience of permanent dryness.

Properties of avocado for your aesthetics

The properties of avocado for the skin have not gone unnoticed by the cosmetics industry.

Avocado oil for the skin and other moisturising creams or masks are marketed with great success, precisely because of the properties that this fruit includes in the formulas.

In addition to a noticeable aesthetic improvement, avocado in cosmetic products also helps to protect the skin from exposure to UVA rays, a recommended complement to your sunscreen.

Other products related to aesthetics that take advantage of avocado nutrients are focused on combating dark circles and bags under the eyes, with great effectiveness.

Its stimulation of collagen generation by taking advantage of its vitamin C for the skin, serves to help blood circulation in the area and to obtain greater elasticity, thus eliminating dark circles under the eyes.

Other skin problems that can be treated with this fruit are wrinkles and stretch marks. Among other advantages, since it stimulates the production of collagen, it helps both to reduce their presence and to prevent them from appearing.

Benefits of avocado for skin and hair

The properties of avocado are much more extensive and are not only limited to the skin, but also help to enrich the hair.

Another very important advantage of this food is based on the presence of oleic acid in its composition. With it, dead skin cells are removed more effectively and it helps to renew the skin, which will improve the radiance of the face.

Avocado also helps to strengthen the scalp and hair. To achieve this effect, it is based on the presence of water inside and vegetable oils, which will also help us to have healthier hair.

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