Guacamole Caña Nature gets the badge of superior flavor of International Flavor

At Caña Nature we are pleased to announce that our traditional guacamole has been awarded the superior taste badge by the International Taste Institute.

This recognition certifies the quality of flavour and presentation, among other factors, of our traditional guacamole.

We would also like to remind you that you can enjoy it (just like the low-calorie and vitamin A-rich versions of guacamole) in practical 200 gram tubs.

Enjoy the renowned taste of our guacamole on toast, on pancakes, as an appetizer, in your salads, in fajitas, or however you like!

What is the International Taste Institute?

The International Taste Institute is the world’s leading food and beverage testing and certification institution.

With a multicultural team of professionals and food enthusiasts from all over the world, they analyse all the products that are submitted for this badge, to provide an assessment based on several factors.

How has Caña Nature’s traditional guacamole been analysed?

As with all other products, the tasters did not know the brand name of our guacamole when they tasted it, nor its name or origin. They only receive a brief description.

The criteria used for the analysis are as follows:

  • First impression: A first taste impression, before starting the analysis process.
  • Sight: Colour, shape, size and other physical aspects related to the product category are analysed.
  • Smell: The aromas perceived and the sensations they transmit.
  • Taste: Analysis based on all possible options (salty, sweet, bitter, sour).
  • Texture in the case of food.

As the International Taste Institute itself points out, some of these values are subjective and depend not only on the person themselves, but also on their cultural habits.

For this reason, Caña Nature’s traditional guacamole has been evaluated independently by the entire jury, which has offered an average weighting. The results were very satisfactory with a score of 71/100.

Highlights of Caña Nature’s traditional guacamole

Caña Nature’s traditional guacamole has been rated on the 5 key elements distinguished by the International Taste Institute.

The First Impression and the Vision of our guacamole were rated very highly by the jury. We strive to produce and present to our consumers a guacamole that conveys quality, flavour and that traditional recipe that we all want to try.

Thanks to the use of natural ingredients such as tomato, fresh onion, garlic or lemon juice and, of course, avocado, we achieve an aroma that has been highlighted through the Smell section, which has also obtained an excellent rating.

As a finishing touch to this evaluation by the International Taste Institute, the Flavour and Texture of Caña Nature’s traditional guacamole have obtained the approval of these demanding gastronomic experts.

This is how we have achieved the privilege of having this badge, which endorses the enormous effort and work of all our professionals to produce the best guacamole possible.

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