Gastronomic event in Carranza with Caña Nature

Last Friday, 30th April, a gastronomic event took place in Carranza, in which one of Caña Nature’s products was the protagonist.

The event in question was organised by Sabor Granada and consisted of a day of live cooking.

Sabor Granada is a project promoted by the Diputación Provincial de Granada, which aims to give visibility to local agri-food products that are produced, processed or marketed in the province of Granada.

The event, which was held at the premises of the Granada catering company Carranza, was attended by the renowned chef Álvaro García, who normally prepares his best dishes at the Zarzillo restaurant in Motril.

Álvaro García was in charge of preparing a series of dishes live in front of the audience, including one based on Caña Nature’s fresh gazpacho.

Bloody Mary with Caña Nature gazpacho

Chef Álvaro García coined his dish “Bloody Mary Caña Nature Tropical” and its ingredients included fresh 100% natural Caña Nature gazpacho, with green asparagus from Huétor Tajar, lemon juice, Tabasco, Perrins sauce, salt and black pepper.

This gastronomy professional explained that the choice of Caña Nature’s fresh gazpacho made it possible to take advantage of the fact that it is made from food grown in the fields of the Costa Tropical of Granada, without additives or preservatives.

Caña Nature gazpacho also has the advantage of being gluten-free and suitable for vegans. In addition, Álvaro García valued the fact that we have a Bio version of this product and also the recipe we prepared, which he said was “traditional, totally natural and with a very powerful flavour”.

To prepare the Bloody Mary Caña Nature Tropical, the first step the chef took was to pour the gazpacho into the shaker, in which he previously put 2 ice cubes.

He then added 10ml of lemon juice and a few drops of tabasco, clarifying that this product should be added depending on the level of spiciness that each person prefers. He then added 3-4 drops of Perrins sauce, a pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper.

In the cocktail shaker, the chef stirred all the ingredients to get the perfect mix and the necessary coolness to serve.

For the presentation, Álvaro García chose a glass, although this is obviously optional for those who wish to make it at home.

The chef decided to dip the rim of the bottle in gazpacho and place it on top of the shrimp salt, turning it so that it was completely impregnated.

He then poured the Bloody Mary into the bottle and, to finish this presentation, he introduced a green asparagus because, as he explained, it would bring some fresh notes thanks to the characteristic sweet bitter taste of this food, as well as a deep aroma and a touch of crunch, for those who wish to have it as a snack.

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