All about the grated tomato of Mercadona

Grated tomato is present in many lunches and dinners, and some people even use it in their lunches or simply as a snack between meals.

The versatility of grated tomato allows it to be used on many occasions, whether on toast to enjoy with a good juice or coffee, or as a sauce to accompany other recipes or as a base for pizzas, among many other possibilities.

It also has excellent nutritional properties, which make it advisable to complete any healthy diet.

At Caña Nature we make our own 100% natural grated tomato, with no additives or preservatives (no E). In fact, for this recipe we have obtained the V-Label quality seal as vegan products and the Nutriscore A-valuation.

We also make exclusive use of the Pera Caniles tomato variety, grown by our farmers on the Costa Tropical of Granada, which stands out for its intense flavour and intoxicating aroma.

Grated tomato is so present in our diet that we can find it in a wide variety of brands and supermarkets, including Mercadona’s grated tomato in this vast offer.

Mercadona’s Grated Tomato

It is available in all Mercadona supermarkets. Grated tomato is one of the most sought-after products sold to consumers.

If we look at its nutritional value, we can see that, per 100g of product, it has an energy value of 19 kcal, of which barely 0.1 g are fat and 3.8 g are carbohydrates. It has no salt and barely 0.1 g of protein.

This is a food that is perfect for a healthy diet, which will surprise us with its flavour but will not add any calories.

The brand that sells the grated tomato in Mercadona chooses its own variety of tomatoes. One of the advantages of this recipe is that, depending on the tomato we use, we can achieve a different flavour. In this way, each consumer can choose their favourite grated tomato and use it as they like to create healthy recipes.

Why is grated tomato healthy?

As you can see in any ingredient sheet that makes up the grated tomato recipe, tomato is the exclusive protagonist in its preparation.

This allows us to count on all the benefits it provides, in addition to its exquisite flavour.

In fact, it is a food that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends consuming precisely because of its nutritional properties.

One of the most important of these is its antioxidant power. Tomatoes contain lycopene, one of the most highly-valued antioxidants, even more so than vitamin E. Lycopene and other carotenes that it also includes, present it as a remarkable natural antioxidant.

Obtaining antioxidants is very important for our body, as they help prevent oxidation and cell damage, thus delaying the signs of ageing or the onset of degenerative diseases.

In addition to this advantage, tomatoes offer us additional help for our eyesight and skin; they are high in minerals and folic acid; their fat levels are very low; and they contain potassium and low levels of sodium, so they prevent fluid retention (they are diuretic) and help us to eliminate toxins.

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