What Are the Best Tomatoes to Make Gazpacho?

At Caña Nature we offer you 100% fresh gazpacho in the format you need, either in a 1 L bottle or a 33 cl bottle.

Our recipe combines naturalness and tradition, using food that has been grown in the fields of the Costa Tropical of Granada.

Among these foods we use pepper, onion, garlic and, of course, tomato, which is one of the main protagonists of this recipe.

In fact, the relationship between tomato and gazpacho has been the subject of debate among many lovers of this cold soup.

There are so many different varieties of tomato available that the decision as to which one to choose can have a significant influence on the final flavour.

Based on the traditional recipe, which is the one we prepare at Caña Nature, there are some tomatoes that are more recommendable than others to achieve that natural flavour. Here we tell you which tomato variants are normally chosen and which of all of them are the most recommendable.

Canary tomatoes

Canary tomatoes, also known as ball tomatoes, are used to make many homemade tomato sauces and stir-fries. This can be misleading to think that they are also suitable for recipes such as gazpacho, as they have a very intense red colour that makes them seem the perfect choice.

The problem with these tomatoes in this particular gazpacho recipe is that they carry the full weight of the flavour of the cold soup.

As their flavour is actually mild and not too intense, in recipes such as gazpacho or even salmorejo, they are not exactly the most recommendable.

Raf tomatoes

Raf tomatoes have a characteristic sweet taste that makes them stand out in salads, especially when accompanied by a good extra virgin olive oil such as the one used in the Caña Nature recipe for gazpacho.

However, this variety of tomato can have too intense a flavour for a soup that stands out for its freshness.

Another reason why Raf tomatoes are not often used to make gazpacho is that they can give it a greenish hue in the final finish, far from the classic reddish-orange that is so appealing.

Vine tomatoes

The vine tomato stands out above all for its visual aesthetics. It is one of the most appetising tomato shapes of all, which is why it is so successful on the market!

When used to make gazpacho, we can achieve a very striking colour, but colour is not the basis of gazpacho, it is the flavour.

That is why, although vine tomatoes can make a very tasty gazpacho recipe, you have to choose tomatoes that are at the right ripeness or the cold soup will seem to lack substance. A complex choice that is not always easy to get right.

Pear tomato

The debate about the best tomato for gazpacho usually ends with the pear tomato variety as the clear winner. The reason lies in the balance.

The pear tomato offers the perfect harmony of flavour and tone to the gazpacho recipe. It contains an ideal blend of sweetness and acidity.

Moreover, it has the perfect characteristics as a tomato for this type of recipe, as its skin is very thin and it has very few pips, compared to other varieties.

However, although the tomato is the clear protagonist in a gazpacho recipe, it must be taken into account that the rest of the ingredients must have the appropriate quality and freshness, so that the final result is at the level we want to enjoy.

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