Stuffed avocado

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At Caña Nature you have traditional guacamole and guacamole with a high vitamin A content, two proposals that are very popular with consumers and which obviously stand out for the presence of their star ingredient, the avocado.

In addition to the fact that in all our recipes we use fresh food from the Costa Tropical of Granada, the avocado in particular appeals because of its pulp. That is why we also have a delicious avocado pulp, which is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of snacks and meals.

However, the avocado has a very characteristic shape and a very tough skin, which offers many possibilities, including scooping out the flesh and filling it again by mixing it with other ingredients.

That is what we offer you in this recipe for stuffed avocado, in which we have decided to opt for a very popular alternative, prawns and king prawns.

Of course, the avocado can also be used with many other ingredients. Recipes for stuffed avocado with tuna, salmon, chicken or cheese are just a few examples of the infinite number of options available to you.

The recipe is for 4 people. If you want an original romantic dinner, opt for half the ingredients and prepare a stuffed avocado recipe for 2 people.

We also offer you the opportunity to create your own pink sauce, if you prefer to make your own.

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