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Guacamole fits perfectly with the spicy flavour as a finishing touch to its characteristic combination of ingredients.

At Caña Nature you can enjoy that spicy touch with this guacamole option that includes jalapeño and red pepper in its recipe.

You can also make your own spicy guacamole and even increase this final touch by using a key ingredient to achieve it, Tabasco sauce.

Of course, guacamole is a type of food for everyone and it is not essential that it has a spicy touch. At Caña Nature you also have the original, low-calorie guacamole recipes, so you can choose the one you like best.

Below, we detail the spicy guacamole recipe and give you a few tips.

First of all, as with all other guacamole recipes, choose ripe avocados, so that it is much easier to prepare.

For this recipe in particular, we also advise you to be careful with the Tabasco sauce. Its intense spiciness can have a very strong effect on the recipe, but it can also be felt differently by each diner.

As with everything, experience helps to perfect the technique. We therefore advise you to encourage you to prepare this recipe and to improve it whenever you can, until you find the perfect point of tabasco to add.

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