Old-fashioned gazpacho

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At Caña Nature we take advantage of our HPP cold processing to produce a gazpacho that maintains all the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the fresh products used.

The old-fashioned gazpacho, however, is made in the traditional way, directly with the products that the countryside provided.

As is the case with traditional recipes, it is the heritage handed down from generation to generation that has enabled them to be preserved.

For the same reason, some old-fashioned gazpacho recipes may vary in their ingredients or certain steps in their preparation.

Thus, we have recipes for gazpacho in the old style with and without peppers, with and without aromatic herbs, etc. The variations are also adapted to the tastes of each diner.

This is an old-fashioned gazpacho recipe, preserving the most traditional and historical steps and ingredients, which have survived to the present day. A cold soup that will delight all your guests, especially on those days when you feel like a dish that is not only nutritious but also refreshing.

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