Guacamole without onion

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At Caña Nature we offer you two guacamole alternatives, the original guacamole recipe or the guacamole recipe rich in vitamin A, which includes ingredients such as pepper or jalapeño for a special touch, very attractive to many consumers.

In fact, one of the advantages of making guacamole is that it is possible to add and subtract ingredients to achieve a completely personalised recipe, but with that unique texture that characterises it so much.

One of the most talked-about ingredients in guacamole is the onion, which some diners may prefer to leave out.

Fortunately, in guacamole, the onion is not a determining ingredient that conditions the whole recipe. Obviously, the final flavour is not the same, but the truth is that there are people who notice the onion too much in any recipe, no matter how small the proportion of this ingredient is.

Therefore, if you want to prepare a delicious dish but exclude the onion, here is how to prepare a guacamole recipe without onion.

Regarding this recipe in particular, there is another thing to keep in mind. When someone finds onion too strong a flavour to be present as an ingredient, the same is usually true for other ingredients.

For this reason, in this case we have opted for a recipe with the basic ingredients for making guacamole, although of course it is up to you to vary it as you see fit, in order to achieve a result that is personalised to your gastronomic preferences.

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