Gazpacho from Extremadura

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Caña Nature’s fresh gazpacho is a cold soup that is highly valued by consumers and has even won the Top Innovation 2022 Flavour of the Year Award for its packaging in recycled PET.

In fact, gazpacho is in itself one of the best-known recipes in Spain, which has given it the benefit of having many variations on the traditional recipe. We ourselves have opted to keep the tradition in its essence, but eliminating bread from the composition, so that more people can enjoy it, such as people with coeliac disease, thanks to the fact that it does not include gluten in any of its ingredients.

In any case, there are many variants of this recipe, some of which are as well known as gazpacho extremeño. In case you don’t know how to make this gazpacho alternative, here are all the necessary steps to make it.

However, we would also like to remind you that a gazpacho recipe can always be approached in many different ways. For example, there are those who prefer to use a blender for its convenience, while there are also those who defend the traditional essence of its preparation by hand.

In Extremaduran gazpacho in particular, there is an important variant, and that is that it is optional to blend the ingredients. In fact, tradition dictates that the ingredients are not mashed, but chopped as if they were a salad. Obviously this gives it a completely different presentation, but equally tasty and appealing to many diners. Decide which one you like best and enjoy this recipe as you prefer!

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Gazpacho extremeño - Caña Nature



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