Caña Nature receives the visit of the Provincial Council of Granada

Last Thursday 2nd July, Caña Nature’s facilities in Escúzar (Granada), received the visit of several authorities such as José Entrena Ávila, President of the Provincial Council of Granada; Ana María Muñoz Arquelladas, First Deputy Mayor Delegate of Presidency, Employment, Equality and Transparency; and Provincial Deputy for Employment and Sustainable Development of the Provincial Council of Granada; and Antonio Arrabal, Mayor of Escúzar.

The main reason for the visit was based on the support offered by the Diputación de Granada to the company, with training courses for our workers. As well as being able to see all the facilities and production processes that we carry out at Caña Nature, everyone was also offered a sample tasting of our products, so that they could see first hand the quality present in all of them.

Journalists were also invited to this visit, who took advantage of the event to interview some of the attendees. The Mayor of Escúzar, Antonio Arrabal, spoke to Canal Sur Noticias. Arrabal wanted to highlight the importance of the training courses offered by the Diputación Provincial de Granada, both for professionals and for companies in the sector. According to the mayor, the important thing is “to continue integrating people into the market through this type of training and to generate employment and wealth”.

Arrabal’s words are in line with the reality of Caña Nature. The company currently has a staff of 30 people, 20 of whom have come from the Provincial Council’s training courses.

Jesús García, CEO of Grupo La Caña, also spoke to the journalists. García emphasised that Caña Nature is a project “the result of the collaboration with the Diputación de Granada and the strong research and development work promoted by Grupo La Caña”.

According to the CEO, the natural recipes offered by the company provide added value, based on innovative, non-invasive production processes, with which it is possible to maintain the flavour and all the nutritional properties of the product, without the need to add additives or preservatives.

Jesús García also explained that Caña Nature’s future prospects include “positioning ourselves in the national and European market, which, thanks to actions such as the one promoted by Sabor Granada, will allow us to increase brand awareness”.

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