Ways to Take Your Tomato Toast

At Caña Nature we offer you 100% natural grated tomato, in convenient 180 gram tubs, so that you can enjoy it as much as possible.

Many of our customers choose this grated tomato for their breakfasts. In addition to being a 100% natural product, it has no additives or preservatives (no E) and is made with the Pera Caniles variety, grown on the Costa Tropical of Granada.

A combination of flavour, aroma and nutritional quality, which makes it highly recommended from the first moment of the day, usually in delicious toasts.

Toast with grated tomato is a classic in our gastronomy, but as is also usual in our culinary customs, over the years we have varied this proposal with new recipes. Here are some interesting ones.

Toast with tomato and olive oil

Toast with tomato is present in many breakfasts nowadays. The ideal way to enjoy them is with lightly toasted slices of bread, with each crunchy bite offering a perfect taste experience.

Once you have spread the tomato on the toast, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and, to taste, a pinch of salt. It will become your favourite breakfast!

Toast with tomato and ham

Many consumers are concerned about having a balanced breakfast, both in flavour and nutrients. In our gastronomy we have all the variety we want to make every breakfast unique, but it is important to find tasty foods that are also beneficial to our health.

One of the foods that can give us just what we need to start the morning off right is Iberian ham.

The recipe for toast with tomato and a slice of ham on top may be just what you were looking for. The ham not only offers an incomparable touch of flavour, but also provides you with healthy fatty acids and very useful proteins, with hardly any fat.

Toast with tomato and avocado

Another of Caña Nature’s star products is our guacamole, whose main ingredient is avocado.

If you like this food and you also want to enjoy it in your breakfasts, we recommend you to peel some pieces to put them on top of your toast with tomato.

You’ll love the fusion of flavours! And the best of all is that you can try an alternative in reverse. Use our guacamole to spread on your breakfast toast and top it with a few pieces of tomato for an amazing result.

The use of guacamole on breakfast toast is becoming a trend. Best of all, you can count some days with it and some days with your classic tomato toast, so you can enjoy both!

Toast with tomato and red onion

Our natural grated tomato is the perfect complement to your breakfasts, but if you want to vary your recipes without straying too far from its flavour, you can also try the “brunoise” tomato, which consists of cutting it into small pieces.

In this recipe you must first mix the tomato pieces with chopped red onion, olive oil, a little sherry vinegar and black pepper. You can also add a little salt to the mixture or add it later.

Put these ingredients together and store in the fridge for at least an hour. This will ensure that the flavours are perfectly blended, and then just use this dressing on your toast for breakfast!

Whether grated or diced, on its own or with a side dish, tomato is one of the best ingredients you can add to your breakfast. Take advantage of its nutrients, enjoy its flavour and start your day in the best possible way.

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