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Quesadillas are one of the best known and most elaborate dishes in Mexico, with an international fame that has allowed diners from all over the world to enjoy them.

Now you too can create them to your taste and give them a unique touch, with the Mexican Salsa that we offer at Caña Nature, made with fresh products such as tomato, onion, pepper, jalapeño, salt, garlic, lemon juice, coriander and cumin.

The perfect icing on the cake for quesadillas made completely to your liking, which is one of the advantages of this recipe!

As with the best traditional recipes, there is no single way to make quesadillas and no universal recipe with ingredients that cannot be substituted. Mexican quesadillas can be made however you like them best.

In any case, the Mexican quesadilla recipe usually turns out better if we try to use the most favoured ingredients in this dish, such as chicken, ham, mushrooms or even the cheese itself.

Before detailing the recipe step by step, it is also interesting to know that quesadillas are called differently depending on how we hold the mixture.

We can talk about quesadillas when the tortilla has the mixture in the middle of it and we fold the top over.

If we use two different tortillas to hold the mixture, just as we do with a sandwich or a sandwich roll, then we are talking about what is known as sincronizadas.

Here’s the Mexican recipe for quesadillas with chicken – a classic! Of course, you can substitute the chicken and the rest of the ingredients for other ingredients of your choice, as the preparation is essentially the same.

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Quesadillas receta mexicana - Caña Nature



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