Homemade guacamole recipe

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The homemade guacamole recipe is a quick-to-prepare meal that is usually a hit, especially at get-togethers with friends.

As is often the case with homemade recipes, guacamole is not particularly difficult, but it does require dedication. With enough motivation, you can achieve the perfect blend of all the ingredients to achieve the classic guacamole flavour.

Of course, the homemade guacamole recipe is even more enjoyable if you add some nachos to the mix, which you can also make at home or buy ready-made.

If you want the perfect combination, you can also buy the guacamole we make at Caña Nature, cold-processed under high pressure to maintain all the flavour of its natural ingredients, without adding additives or preservatives.

A typical feature of Mexican recipes is that the spiciness is a noticeable element. However, it is also logical that the choice of the type of spice (represented by the chilli), as well as the amount of spice used, depends to some extent on the taste of the diners.

To find more varieties of guacamole, at Caña Nature we offer you traditional guacamole or, if you prefer, low-calorie guacamole and guacamole rich in vitamin A, the latter with a mild spicy touch.

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