Guacamole with mango

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At Caña Nature we offer you several guacamole recipes, all of them fresh, with natural ingredients and with the fibre and vitamin content of each one intact. You can choose between traditional guacamole, low calorie guacamole and vitamin A rich guacamole.

All of them available in handy 200g tubs to enjoy whenever you want. Guacamole is perfect as a spread on toast and pancakes or for dipping with friends. It is also widely used in salads and, of course, in the classic fajitas.

Alternatively, you can also make your own guacamole and this time we bring you a “tropical” alternative. This is the guacamole with mango recipe, which adds this exotic fruit with its characteristic taste to the classic recipe.

For the mango guacamole recipe, we recommend that the mango is large and ripe. The same goes for avocados. You can make better use of them in your guacamole if you choose ripe ones.

As for the onion, you can choose a medium-sized onion in the colour of your choice. If, for example, you want to add a more intense flavour to the recipe, choose purple onion.

The recipe for guacamole with mango is a suggestion. In addition to the proposed ingredients, you can include other vegetables such as peppers, cucumber or carrots, among others, according to your preferences.

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Receta de guacamole con mango - Caña Nature



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