Canapé with guacamole

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Canapés are the ideal starter in their own right. They’re small, usually taste delicious and can be eaten comfortably whether you’re standing or sitting at a table with friends and/or family – perfect for any evening!

Despite their small format, the options for canapé recipes are endless, so you can practically create all the combinations you want.

However, getting this fusion of flavours right is not easy, which is why we propose a recipe with which you won’t take any risks.

Below you can see in detail the recipe for guacamole canapé with prawns, which you can also present in two different ways.

To make this recipe, we recommend you use any of our fresh guacamole. At Caña Nature you have at your disposal Original Guacamole and Guacamole rich in vitamin A.

You can choose either or both of these two recipes and prepare different alternatives for your guests.

However, you can also prepare your own guacamole, so in the process of this guacamole canapé recipe we also explain how to do it.

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Receta de canapé con guacamole - Caña Nature



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