Guacamole Rich in Vitamin A

Guacamole - Caña Nature
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Our Traditional Guacamole has been carefully crafted with ingredients directly cultivated in our fields in the Costa Tropical of Granada, ensuring a recipe that boasts natural, fresh, and, above all, delicious flavors, allowing you to enjoy this fantastic product at any time.

Rest assured that it is 100% natural, and it stands out as the only product in the market without any additives or preservatives (no E numbers).

Moreover, it holds prestigious certifications:

  • Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute. This award recognizes exceptional taste and quality in food and beverages. Presented in Brussels by the International Taste & Quality Institute, the jury consists of over 200 professionals, including chefs, sommeliers, and Michelin-starred experts.
  • V-Label quality seal as vegan products
  • Nutriscore A rating

We take the utmost care in ensuring food safety by subjecting our guacamole to a cold high-pressure processing (HPP) treatment. This process extends the product’s shelf life up to 8 weeks from the moment of production, preserving its properties and nutrients while effectively eliminating any potential microorganisms.


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